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Even the world's greatest athletes need a coach. Tiger Woods may be the world's number one golf player, so why does he take advice from someone else?

Why do you need a Wealth Coach?

Even the world's greatest athletes need a coach. Tiger Woods may be the world's number one golf player, so why does he take advice from someone else? The coach is not always a 'guru', nor the best player, and does not always "teach" you how...

Sometimes the best coach just watches and listens, then draws out the best that is already waiting inside of you...

A personal trainer for your wallet

Muscles GET stronger by pushing their limits and doing something hard or new. They STAY strong with regular exercise. If you would like bigger muscles or a bigger bank account, the principles are the same.

We can help you to push your limits and also encourage you to go to the next level..

How can we help you?

The average person will earn over a million dollars during their lifetime, from wages alone. It is the Above Average person who saves, invests and creates more wealth and even more income from other sources.

Concepts such as "The Cashflow Quadrant" and "Saving & Investment" are easy enough to learn (like gym techniques), but hard to stick to, and hard to master. That's where we can help you.

No-one ever got fit by joining a gym

To succeed with your fitness, you have to not only join the gym, you also have to GO!

Learning financial fitness from a book or audio may be one thing, but actually following through on the tips you learn requires dedication, discipline, and the right personal trainer, or coach.

You may need someone who will push you gently but firmly to reach your goals.

"Low-tech" or "no-tech"

Our team of specialists speak in "low-tech" terms and avoid jargon. We believe that investing is for EVERYONE, regardless of your age, background or education level. Join the team and find out how easy it can be.

Business owner or entrepreneur? Discover how to make your business work smarter, so that you can work less..

Investing into shares, stocks or property? Discover new ways to do more with less, how to maximise your returns and take things to the next level


"My FYRST (Flick Your Rich Switch) consultation with Jeremy was fantastic. I was fully relaxed and comfortable, the service was very professional and thorough. I had some great revelations and felt empowered to deal with my issues. Jeremy was intuitive, sensitive and helped me a great deal."

Johanna Ashley, Purpose & Abundance Coach "JohannaAshley.com"

“Simply the best coach I have had (and I am saying this as a coach and have been coached many times).”

Business Coach: Jamie Badar, Brisbane Australia

“Jeremy is someone who works hard, but does it with a smile. A real joy to be around. You can always count on Jeremy to be creating the trend”

Investor & Entrepreneur: John Maxwell

“Jeremy is one of the most creative people I know. Fresh ideas, innovative concepts, and I Love his passion for sunrise on the beach”

Samantha Davey-Mitchell

“Jeremy has a unique approach to investment catering to the whole psychology and not just selling a product. ”

Mortgage Broker: Craig Parker, Sunshine Coast, Australia

“Jeremy is one very smart, well informed and highly professional guy - seek him out, listen to him and gain from his expertise! He's very cool.” International Speaker & Best-Selling Author of "What is Success, Anyway?"

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

More testimonials from dozens of clients are on our "Youtube Channel"Some clients have enjoyed "over 300% increase in income", "significantly more clients", and more clarity around finances, life balance, "health", "sex" and relationships.