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Who says that you have to be serious if you are in business?

We like to have some FUN with our business and finances!

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Why 24-Hour Wealth?

Come on! Admit the truth: you didn’t start your business just to make money, did you?

Surely you started your business because you thought (on some level) that it would be fun? (And if you’re not having fun in business now, perhaps you’re trying to make more money, so you can spend the money on having more fun!)

Let’s get back to basics. Let’s make business fun again. 

You may be as unhappy as I once was. I used to work 70+ hours a week in a windowless office, and it was NOT fun. Apart from being dissatisfied at work and never at home, it was  the triple-punch combination of a burst appendix, torn vocal cords and a rip-snorting heart attack at age 33 that made me decide to change my lifestyle.


In a world-class hissy-fit, tantrum-tastic melt-down, I overturned everything about my life.


The 70-hour weeks: Gone! My calendar was only open for six-hour days: maximum, four days a week (*hint, Jeremy started 24-hour working week in 2005, that’s where the “24HourWealth” tag got started)


The bad lifestyle choices: Gone! Previously up to a pack of cigs a day, ten coffees a day, and 4-5 bourbon shots of an evening, I quit cigarettes, quit alcohol, quit coffee; then quit red meat and dairy. Later on, I quit white meat, grains and started some fasting and body-cleansing. (Nowadays, I am still vegetarian, but will enjoy the occasional beer or wine and be more balanced in my lifestyle.)


The bad relationships: Gone! Whilst working 70-80 hours a week, I had no time for friends and invested almost zero time into my family. Coming back to a more manageable lifestyle meant that I could have a better intimate relationship and also cultivate good relationships with friends and family.


Other bad habits: Gone! Simplifying my life, discarding a lot of “clutter”, spending less money on toys and gadgets, and investing more time into meaningful experiences. I discarded not only cars, furniture and accessories, but also five televisions from my house and was totally “TV-free” for 8 years.


Yes, sometimes you have to go through a major overhaul to get back on track. My hissy-fit saw me behaving obsessively for a while, before coming back into a more balanced rhythm.

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I did this for YOU 1f604.png

I learned the hard way so that you don’t have to!

Learn from my mistakes and gain balance now, before a heart attack, cancer, stroke, bankruptcy or divorce hits you out of left field.

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Detox your lifestyle, revitalise your business, have less stress and more FUN!

Initial consultations by appointment, web or phone can be booked at www.ChooseMyCoach.com

 Jeremy coaches clients via Skype or Phone, sun-gazes, meditates, walks on the beach and reads Phantom comics when he cannot access audited company reports.

We love business and education. We support ongoing education in your life and also in several schools in Africa. As of 2017, our clients have helped us to provide support and assistance for over 200 000 children. Click “Find us” button below to see our latest tally in “real time”, or become inspired by other related charity projects.