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A coach is not the star player: the star player is YOU. A good coach will stand behind you, watch your technique and suggest your alternative plays. 

Sometimes it’s the clients, sometimes it’s the business, sometimes it’s YOU

Are your clients demanding, unreliable or just plain driving you nuts?
Are your staff or team slack, disrespectful or losing you business?
Aside from business, how’s your home life, health or love life?
An issue you have in one area can quickly spread to others!

To quote the Dalai Lama and a whole bunch of Quantum Physicists, “It’s all connected, baby!”

If your clients or staff are not meeting your expectations, or your business is not performing how you’d like it to be, then let’s look at how other things may be impacting it, or what else it may be affecting.

  • Communication: if your communication is is not strong, you may have issues with clients, suppliers, team members and with others with whom you are in relationships. A good coach can help you to focus your intentions, and use leadership techniques from NLP or other communication disciplines to help you to communicate your desires and receive them exactly as you ordered. 
  • Sex & Transmutation: Napoleon Hill’s most misunderstood chapter in the 1937 classic, “Think & Grow Rich” is all about using your primitive natural human desires to bring more advanced things into your life. Your human body will naturally desire pleasure, food & water; you will have to teach it to desire money or success. The mind and body must be in harmony to achieve great results. 
  • Money is not just made, money is made up: Money was just an idea, invented by man to better enable transfer of value. Figures on a screen, or pieces of paper and metal have little or no intrinsic value. First create wealth or value, then seek to accumulate money. The more real value you give out, the more “unreal” money you will get back.

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