Binary Sex Secrets [hard copy book + ebook]

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There are codes that the universe has put into nature to tell us what to
eat, who to mate with and what to not step on. These codes are often
instinctively or unconsciously read by the subconscious mind and help us to
survive, thrive and procreate without having to think about it.
Knowledge is Power. What if you could understand the codes on a conscious
level? What if you understood their power to seduce and to sell? You may be
holding the power to manipulate others just as advertising agencies may
subliminally manipulate you. You could, *theoretically*, use this power to
sell more, make more money or to seduce others, physically or mentally. You
may be able to use the knowledge to create massive amounts of power,
influence and money in your life, or in the lives of others. It is up to you
whether you use this power for selfish purposes or for the benefit of
others; but, once you see them, you can no longer ignore the codes.


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