What is 24-Hour Wealth?

Love, Money, Experiences, Health, Passion, Freedom & Holistic Wealth

We describe “24 Hour Wealth” in a few different ways.

  • For some, it is the Freedom to Work: performing 24 hours a week in a fulfilling role that they love, rather than being forced to work 40+ hours a week in a J-O-B that is merely a means to an end.
  • For others it is the Freedom to Be: powerfully living life with Joy & Passion around the clock; not just having a great job with a poor home life or doing great at home and poorly at your job. Life balance is great, 24 Hour Wealth and 24 Hour Happiness is Awesome.
  • Show Me The Money! Some people would like to know how the Economic Clock works and how to invest into stocks, shares, property or business. Learning a few techniques can literally transform your life and make your investing 200% better!

Jeremy Britton was a qualified independent financial adviser for 20 years, specialising in stock or share investments, ASX direct shares, super, managed funds, property, loans, insurance and just about everything else with a number on it! Unlike many “money men”, he also has a personality!

His “low-tech” style presentation is loved by audiences, from lawyers to lollypop ladies!

Jeremy has spoken internationally for the National Shareholders Association, the Australian Government, Qld Government, Business Network International (BNI), Business Swap International, Toastmasters, African Chamber of Commerce and many clubs, schools, government and business organizations about investments, sales, lifestyle planning and business.

Jeremy owns several businesses, does NOT use jargon and likes to check his investments only once a year. He likes Phantom comics because audited company reports are too heavy to read in bed…

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Bruce Sherlock, Financial Planner, Jeremy’s first boss, “Rich Dad” mentor & Executive Producer of Hollywood’s “The Phantom” movies

Allan Pease, International Best-Selling Author, Relationship Expert and Body Language consultant.

Paul Dunn, “Talk Language” author, co-founder of XL Results Corp & B1G1

Video Footage of Jeremy’s audiences from Mackay, Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie


  • Shop til you’re RICH
  • The Economic Clock
  • Top Five Tips from Millionaires
  • Financial FourPlay: double your $ in half the time
  • Boost your business with Binary Sexology
  • Investing for women
  • How to legally reduce your tax to 10% or less
  • FP Jargon-busting 101 (understanding financial news)


  • Investing for Women
  • Property Investing (houses & commercial)
  • Share market investing for Mummies (not Dummies)
  • The Economic Clock
  • Seven Streams of Income
  • Boost your Business with Binary Sexology

Conference Organisers & Event Managers:

Call to Enquire (Australia): 1300 762 624

International/ Mobile: +61410 468 378


Jeremy’s first book “Who’s Taking Your Money? (and how to get some of it back!)” has been read by primary school children, teenagers, accountants and financial planners. The book became a best-seller, was was featured on radio, TV, several newspapers and won an award from Money Magazine.

Ancient wealth creation strategies are combined with new technology to benefit the ordinary or beginner investor. To our knowledge, it is the only book that GUARANTEES to help you to make money, or we will buy it back.

Jeremy’s second book, “Hot Frog: Cool Frog”, delves more into lifestyle, entrepreneurial business ownership and the millionaire mindset. It is an adults book that can also be enjoyed by children.

Stay connected to Jeremy to find out about his upcoming books (“Get Healthy Wealthy FAST”, “Flick Your Rich Switch”, “You Are The Christ” and “Boost Your Business with Binary Sexology”)

Jeremy is a qualified financial planner as well as a qualified professional hypnotherapist; because, balancing left-brain and right-mind is his thing! A member of the National Speaker’s Association and Toastmasters, he has speaking professionally for over 20 years and has a wide range of presentations. Choose from one hour keynotes, conference topics, specialised training days or tailored half-day workshops. Female audiences a specialty.


Australian Office: 1300 762 624

International/ Mobile:  +61 410 468 378

Roger Hamilton, Asia’s Leading Wealth Coach, author of “WINK”, “Your Life, Your Legacy” & co-founder of XL Results Corporation

Alfie Langer, Australian Rugby League champion, restaurateur & entrepreneur

Paul Clitheroe, Financial Planner, Chairman of Money Magazine & host of Money TV show